Wedding Bands: Alternative Metal vs. Precious Metals

Alternative Metal Wedding Bands vs. Precious Metals - Dominion Jewelers
When shopping for wedding bands, couples will notice that there is a seemingly endless selection of metals and styles. Today you can opt for any of the precious metals—white, yellow and rose gold, platinum and palladium—or choose from a wide array of alternative metals, also known as contemporary or industrial metals.

So is an alternative metal band right for you? There are many considerations to weigh when you’re deciding on the ideal metal to fit your personal taste, budget and lifestyle. If couples want their bands to be crafted in the same material, then precious metals such as gold or platinum are the best choices. As the artisans at Dominion Jewelers create the majority of precious metal bands right in our store, we can offer you complete customization, including your choice of metal, finish, band width, profile, weight, and design. You also have the versatility of mixing metals and finishes for a truly distinctive and unique ring.

But you should also consider what you do for a living, and how active a lifestyle you lead. What if you’re a personal trainer, firefighter, physician, or police officer? It may be that for safety concerns, you can’t wear a ring at all while on the job, so it may seems pointless to spend a significant amount on a precious metal ring. Or, you might spend your free time working on your motorcycle or rock climbing. This is when a less costly, very durable alternative metal ring may make the most sense for you.

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