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Should I Go With the Latest Jewelry Designs, or Stick with the Classics?

This is a question that prospective brides and bridegrooms often ponder. Trend- setting women who love to be on the cutting edge of fashion in their clothes, shoes, and accessories often desire the very latest designs in jewelry as well.

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Protecting Your Purchase — What to Ask Your Insurance Company

When one of your precious pieces of jewelry is damaged, lost, or stolen, it’s critical to know what questions you need to ask your insurance company in order to be adequately compensated. 1)  How do I submit a claim?  Contact


Are Diamond Cut and Shape the Same Thing?

When engagement ring shoppers begin to look for the perfect diamond, they will often hear the terms cut and shape used interchangeably. However, they are in fact not synonymous. There are ten diamond shapes, including the classic round brilliant, the

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What Is a Cert, and Do I Need One?

A diamond grading report, commonly known as a “cert”, is a document prepared by an accredited gem laboratory that provides an independent, unbiased evaluation of a diamond. The cert confirms such details as cut grade, color, clarity, and carat weight,


Diamonds are Indestructible, Right?

Wrong. Most people are aware that diamonds enjoy the reputation of being the hardest and toughest materials on earth. But it is a common misconception that they are virtually indestructible. In fact, diamonds can be scratched, chipped and even broken

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What if She Doesn’t Want a Traditional Diamond Engagement Ring?

Some women prefer a bit of color in their engagement rings. This popular trend is evidenced by the many requests for designs imitating Princess Kate’s striking sapphire and diamond ring that once graced the hand of Princess Diana.

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Purchasing an Engagement Ring: Online vs. a Reputable Jeweler

It’s a cyber-world for shoppers these days, with opportunities for bargains virtually everywhere.  But is buying online the best and safest way to make one of the largest and most important purchases of your life?  Here are a few considerations

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Engagement Ring Designs – How to Discover What Style Your Girlfriend Will Love

The first question that we at Dominion Jewelers ask engagement ring shoppers is “Do you have a particular style or design in mind?”  Some of our clients are well prepared, with photos, sketches, and detailed information about the exact type

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Same Sex Custom Jewelry and Wedding Rings

At Dominion Jewelers, our knowledgeable design staff has worked with many same sex couples and will offer a variety of options for you and your partner for designs that are not only beautiful and finely crafted, but yours alone. Whether


Cleaning Your Fine Jewelery

One of the most frequent questions we are asked at Dominion Jewelers is “how do I keep my jewelry looking like new?” Our clients are often surprised to learn how very easy and inexpensive it is to keep their fine


What Size Diamond Should I Get?

For more than five centuries, a diamond engagement ring has been a token of love and commitment.  And probably since the first engagement ring was given to his betrothed by an Austrian archduke in 1477, people have been asking “what


Do Wedding Bands Have to Match?

Unlike shopping for an engagement ring—when it’s often just one person making the decisions—most couples shop together for wedding bands.  And in many instances, couples want their rings to “match”.  But not only is this unnecessary, it’s sometimes difficult or


Is Color or Clarity More Important?

This is a subjective question, so it’s a bit difficult to answer.   Many of our clients think that the “perfect” diamond is as close to flawless as they can afford.   What’s important to consider, though, is that clarity characteristics (also


Should I Get a Platinum or White Gold Engagement Ring?

You may notice when shopping for an engagement ring that there is a larger selection of white metal rings than those crafted in colored metals.   Many people agree that diamonds set in a white metal appear both larger and brighter. 


Alternative Metal Wedding Bands vs. Precious Metals

When shopping for wedding bands, couples will notice that there is a seemingly endless selection of metals and styles. Today you can opt for any of the precious metals—white, yellow and rose gold, platinum and palladium—or choose from a wide

Diamond Styles

What Shape Diamond is the Best?

This is a question asked by many of our clients, and the answer completely depends on the “look” that you are going for. Do you want the most sparkle possible? Then consider brilliant shapes such as the round or cushion,


Where is the Best Place to Buy an Engagement Ring?

In this age of Internet shopping and next-day deliveries, it’s tempting to cruise around online, where choices are staggering and possibilities endless, to look for the “best deal”. At Dominion Jewelers, we often hear “I can find a diamond cheaper


How Much Should I Spend on an Engagement Ring?

At Dominion Jewelers, we believe that there is a perfect diamond for everyone’s taste and price point, and our job is to help you find it. Our extensive selection of loose diamonds in virtually all shapes and sizes, along with

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