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2018 Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Violet - Dominion Jewelers

Get Inspired Custom Jewelry Ideas with the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year

Once a year, the Pantone color experts gather and choose the Color of the Year, a shade that is representative of the latest trends in fashion and design. Pantone is recognized across the world for the ability to forecast the

Maryland Proposal

Best Places to Propose in Maryland

Deciding to take the exciting step towards marriage is one of the most significant moments in a relationship, a moment that you and your future spouse will remember for the rest of both your lives. When you are planning the

McAfee Knob thumbnail - Dominion Jewelers

Best Places to Propose in Northern Virginia

Once you realize you have found your perfect mate, the rest of your lives together feels like it cannot start soon enough. Proposing marriage is a big, exciting step in anyone’s life, and is one of the most memorable moments

DC Proposal - Dominion Jewelers

The Best Places to Propose in Washington D.C.

Now that you’ve found the perfect partner and you’re ready to take the first step toward forever, you’ve probably realized that the proposal is very important. A marriage proposal is one of the most memorable moments in a person’s life and is

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The Rocks That Rocked New York Fashion Week

As expected, New York Fashion Week was a massive success. Designers and models rocked over-the-top outfits as they expressed their creativity and imagination on the runway. From the outrageously bold to upscale designs, one thing was evident frm this year’s New

Holiday proposal - Dominion Jewelers

The Holiday Proposal : Perfecting a Moment in Time

As temperatures drop, leaves begin to change, and the days of summer fade away, there is a certain nostalgia that settles in anticipation of the holiday season.  According to Modern Bride Magazine, nearly 30% of all marriage proposals occur in

2017 Holiday Gift Guide Thumbnail - Dominion Jewelers

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Give the gift of sparkle this holiday season! Find inspiration in our showroom with our beautifully hand-made collections, or create something entirely your own. KEEP IT CLASSIC Gift the forever piece. Set a pair of diamonds in any size and

Fashion Week - Dominion Jewelers

New York Fashion Week Jewelry: Accessorizing for Spring 2018

New York Fashion Week introduced exciting new looks for Spring 2018 with a collaboration of big hitting designers and up-and-comers in the industry. The runway was styled perfectly with statement jewelry pieces that elevated each design story. Here’s a look

What Every Bride-to-Be Needs to Know about Conflict-Free Diamonds - Dominion Jewelers

What Every Bride-to-Be Needs to Know about Conflict-Free Diamonds

Now that you are engaged (or about to be) your mind naturally turns to rings and, in most cases, diamonds! The term “conflict-free diamonds” has been thrown about a lot in the last 20 years, but what are they? Is

Five Unique Diamond Alternatives for your Engagement Ring - Dominion Jewelers

Five Unique Diamond Alternatives for your Engagement Ring

Have you been searching for the perfect engagement ring with no luck? Sure, there are dozens of options featuring yellow gold and diamonds, but maybe they just aren’t crying out to you. You’re looking for something that matches both the

Yes, You Can Customize your Heirloom Engagement Ring - Dominion Jewelers

Yes, You Can Customize your Heirloom Engagement Ring

The diamond and engagement ring industries are changing. Thanks to shifts in economics, many young people are having a hard time coming up with the cash to buy a brand new ring before they propose. Instead, the idea of a

Antique Ring

From Something Old to Something New: Stunning Ways to Re-purpose Jewelry for your Wedding

Grandmother has given you permission to go ahead and customize the beautiful heirloom ring she’s given you. So what are the next steps in the process? What kinds of things can you do to create a truly custom wedding ring

cleaning/polishing jewelry - Dominion Jewelers

Resizing and Cleaning Jewelry

A diamond may be forever, but the people who wear them are a lot more dynamic and a lot more changeable. The nice thing about jewelry is that is lasting and durable, which is why it’s so much a part of

Custom Jewelry Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Ring

Custom Jewelry Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Ring

Times are changing and fewer and fewer young couples are choosing traditional wedding ring designs for their big day. Now it is common for couples to search for custom wedding rings that match their personality and style. Are you curious

Got Divorce Diamonds? Three Ways to Redesign your Wedding Ring - Dominion Jewelers

Got Divorce Diamonds? Three Ways to Redesign your Wedding Ring

A new trend in the jewelry industry is helping men and women move forward in the aftermath of divorce. Oftentimes women finalize their divorce and are unsure of what to do with the expensive ring they’ve been wearing for all

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Should I Go With the Latest Jewelry Designs, or Stick with the Classics?

This is a question that prospective brides and bridegrooms often ponder. Trend- setting women who love to be on the cutting edge of fashion in their clothes, shoes, and accessories often desire the very latest designs in jewelry as well.

insurance - Dominion Jewelers

Protecting Your Purchase — What to Ask Your Insurance Company

When one of your precious pieces of jewelry is damaged, lost, or stolen, it’s critical to know what questions you need to ask your insurance company in order to be adequately compensated. 1)  How do I submit a claim?  Contact

diamond proportions - Dominion Jewelers

Are Diamond Cut and Shape the Same Thing?

When engagement ring shoppers begin to look for the perfect diamond, they will often hear the terms cut and shape used interchangeably. However, they are in fact not synonymous. There are ten diamond shapes, including the classic round brilliant, the

GIA American Gem Society thumbnail - Dominion Jewelers

What Is a Cert, and Do I Need One?

A diamond grading report, commonly known as a “cert”, is a document prepared by an accredited gem laboratory that provides an independent, unbiased evaluation of a diamond. The cert confirms such details as cut grade, color, clarity, and carat weight,


Diamonds are Indestructible, Right?

Wrong. Most people are aware that diamonds enjoy the reputation of being the hardest and toughest materials on earth. But it is a common misconception that they are virtually indestructible. In fact, diamonds can be scratched, chipped and even broken

Sapphire ring - Dominion Jewelers

What if She Doesn’t Want a Traditional Diamond Engagement Ring?

Some women prefer a bit of color in their engagement rings. This popular trend is evidenced by the many requests for designs imitating Princess Kate’s striking sapphire and diamond ring that once graced the hand of Princess Diana.

diamond ring - Dominion Jewelers

Purchasing an Engagement Ring: Online vs. a Reputable Jeweler

It’s a cyber-world for shoppers these days, with opportunities for bargains virtually everywhere.  But is buying online the best and safest way to make one of the largest and most important purchases of your life?  Here are a few considerations

engagement ring - Dominion Jewelers

Engagement Ring Designs – How to Discover What Style Your Girlfriend Will Love

The first question that we at Dominion Jewelers ask engagement ring shoppers is “Do you have a particular style or design in mind?”  Some of our clients are well prepared, with photos, sketches, and detailed information about the exact type

same-rings - Dominion Jewelers

Same Sex Custom Jewelry and Wedding Rings

At Dominion Jewelers, our knowledgeable design staff has worked with many same sex couples and will offer a variety of options for you and your partner for designs that are not only beautiful and finely crafted, but yours alone. Whether

fine-jewelry-cleaning - Dominion Jewelers

Cleaning Your Wedding Ring & Engagement Ring

One of the most frequent questions we are asked at Dominion Jewelers is “how do I keep my jewelry looking like new?” Our clients are often surprised to learn how very easy and inexpensive it is to keep their fine

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