Get Inspired Custom Jewelry Ideas with the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year

Get Inspired Custom Jewelry Ideas with the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year - Dominion Jewelers

Once a year, the Pantone color experts gather and choose the Color of the Year, a shade that is representative of the latest trends in fashion and design. Pantone is recognized across the world for the ability to forecast the color that will become a powerfully interwoven aspect of our daily lives, providing a sense of design direction for the year ahead.

2018 Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Violet

The 2018 Pantone color of the year has been decided, a rich and dramatic shade of deep purple named Ultra Violet. Historically categorized as the color of royalty, this shade of purple is a blue-based hue that communicates a sense of mystery, creativity, and ingenuity.

Custom Jewelry Ideas for Ultra Violet

As the world of fashion begins to incorporate Ultra Violet into wearable creations, handmade jewelry boutiques are seeing a surge in custom jewelry ideas involving purple gems. With the incredible variety of gemstones to choose from at a reputable customer jeweler, your possibilities are truly endless. Here are a handful of the purple stones that most closely match with 2018’s beautiful Ultra Violet.

Purple Garnet

A rare version of the traditionally red garnet, purple garnet is a vibrant, gorgeous addition to a luxurious, special occasion statement ring, perhaps accented by a halo of glittering diamonds.

Burmese Purple Jade

A uniquely subtle shade of purple, Burmese Purple Jade can be incorporated into an everyday piece like a bangle, adding a pop of color to your daily style.

Utah Tiffany Stone

This stone has an eye-catching swirl of purple shades, with the varied shades making it a versatile piece for any skin tone. Add the Utah Tiffany Stone to a pendant necklace for an eye-catching but classic design.

Purple Fluorite

Most commonly occurring in crystal form, this distinct stone can be a colorful addition to a unique ring or necklace design, perhaps set in a modern white gold.

Lusaka Amethyst

This beautiful, rare stone is one of the most loved amethysts, with a rich shade of purple that adds a special touch to a cocktail ring, especially when surrounded by a unique setting.

Create Your Own Custom Jewelry with Dominion Jewelers

Now that you have a few ideas for designing your own Ultra Violet-inspired jewelry piece, you may be wondering, “Where can I find a high-quality custom jewelry store near me?” Dominion Jewelers is a favorite upscale jeweler for those looking for unique, custom-made pieces in the Washington D.C. or Falls Church, Virginia area.

Our design process helps you create an incredibly exclusive piece that is sure to become one of your favorites, something that you will hand down for generations. Contact our professional team today, and learn more about how you can get started on creating the perfect piece of Ultra Violet-inspired jewelry today.

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