What Diamond Shape is the Best?

This is a question asked by many of our clients, and the answer completely depends on the “look” that you are going for. Do you want the most sparkle possible? Then consider brilliant diamond shapes such as the round or cushion, as they are cut with the most facets and reflect all the fiery colors of a prism. Or maybe you like the classic, clean lines and bright whiteness of a step-cut diamond? Check out an emerald or the newer Asscher shapes—the larger table provides a mirror-like surface.

There are ten shapes to choose from, and no matter what shape you decide on, your personal design associate at Dominion Jewelers will help you create a setting that makes your engagement ring one-of-a-kind. Various design elements can be combined in a ring setting to reflect every woman’s personal style—whether it’s traditional, vintage, antique, modern, or a completely custom look—for virtually any shape diamond. Working together, we will produce a ring that will be sure to delight the woman who receives it.

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