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What is the Best Type of Metal for a Wedding Band?

men's wedding band - dominion jewelers

When it comes time to choose your wedding band, the ultimate goal is to pick something you’ll love for a lifetime, something representative of your lifelong commitment to your spouse. The precious metal you choose is the primary foundation of your wedding band, whether you choose to add a generous number of gems or plan…

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How to Create Unique, Customized Wedding Bands

custom wedding bands - Dominion Jewelers

Your wedding band is one of the most meaningful and important pieces of jewelry you will ever own. It represents the love you have for your spouse, the significance and beauty of your relationship, and the commitment you have made to one another in marriage. Whether you want unique bands that incorporate a special engraving,…

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10 of the Best Wedding Ring Designs and Why They Stand Out

Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring - Dominion Jewelers

One of the most exciting – and challenging – parts of planning the perfect proposal is choosing a ring. With so many options and a growing number of popular wedding ring designs, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the seemingly endless possibilities. The good news is that with so many design options, you’ll surely be…

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