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The Dominion Cost

People often mistake custom-made jewelry with high-end luxury. Dominion Jewelers is completely honest about the cost associated with custom.

Design Your Own

Custom Jewelry at an incredible and affordable price.

Of course, owning your own one-of-a-kind piece seems like a luxury. But with Dominion Jewelers, you’re actually buying your piece directly from the artists who created it. That means you’ll pay about half of what you’d pay in a regular jewelry store.

And it also means that you can own your own custom piece for what other people pay for mass produced jewelry. The price of your piece will depend upon the intricacy of the design, and the stones and precious metals you’d like used.

Three components make up the price of a commissioned piece of jewelry, the stone involved, the metals used, and time necessary to create the piece. We also offer third-party financing through Wells Fargo, with a six-month interest-free option. Please ask our associates for further details.