Beautifully Crafted Jewelry

Created for you... and your unique budget

In the "Little City" of Falls Church, Virginia, there is a very special jewelry store where magic is created. Within this shop, more than 20 goldsmiths are busy at their craft, arranging breathtaking stones in precious metals. Each piece is made by hand for the customers who come here. And each customer is delighted with the results.

Jewelry’s value isn’t wholly defined by its price tag. Often used for gifts or to celebrate milestones, jeweled accessories hold dear memories. As tangible reminders of our best moments, they’re effectively priceless.

At Dominion Jewelers, we understand the emotional power of jewelry. We’re proud to help our customers create precious moments; in fact, the Dominion History puts us in a unique position to do so. With our artisans’ skills and our company’s deeply held values, you can count on us to deliver truly special items, like we have been doing it for over 30 years.

Excellent Customer Service

All of our associates are dedicated to helping customers find the perfect accessory for any occasion. We believe that understanding materials and processes is the best way for people to find the piece of their dreams. That’s why we work to educate customers on topics related to their search:

Our staff is also happy to guide you through the process of a custom creation. From designing to crafting, we want you to be involved in every step.

Unique Finds

We believe there’s something wonderful about owning a unique piece, and our customers tend to agree. Because all of our jewelry is made on-site by our talented artisans, you won’t find anything like it at other retailers.

Are you interested in a piece made just for you or someone special? Custom orders are our specialty and something we enjoy offering. We can pair you with an artisan whose style matches your vision, and together you can design a one-of-a-kind accessory.

Highest Quality

Since our company makes every item we sell, we have immense control over quality. We’ll never put something out on the floor that we’re not 100% proud of; that’s how we became the premier jeweler in Northern Virginia.

Our commitment to quality started 30 years ago, when we manufactured for other shops. Then, we saw how much the exquisite craftsmanship mattered to our clients and today, we continue this esteemed tradition.

Affordable Luxury

We want to share our artistry with as many people as possible, which is why our jewelry is so affordable. How do we manage it? Since we’re both manufacturer and distributor, we’ve cut out the middleman. You don’t have to worry about markups and simply pay what a piece is worth.

Contact Us For More Information

Are you ready to find something special? We invite you to stop by the Dominion Jewelers store to see what treasures we have on display. If you’d like to discuss a custom order or have any questions about our establishment, please reach out to us by calling (703) 237-3737 or contacting us online.

About our jewelers

Founded in 1985

Dominion Jewelers is a well-kept secret to those who have shopped here. While each piece we craft here is a true work of art, it is also amazing how little one pays for their custom jewelry at our shop. 

Peruse our website, and let your imagination flow. Then, stop by our shop to explore the breathtaking possibilities.

Uniquely affordable

Customizing the Dream

Because our customers are buying directly from the people who make the jewelry, prices are about half of what you'd pay in traditional jewelry stores. And the cost of each piece is comparable to what you'd pay for off-the-rack, mass-produced jewelry.

Charitable Partnerships

Dominion Jewelers provides contributions to the following organizations: