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Resizing and Cleaning Jewelry

  A diamond may be forever, but the people who wear them are a lot more dynamic and a lot more changeable. The nice thing about jewelry is that is lasting and durable, which is why it’s so much a part of marriage customs the world over. But people change literally on a daily basis, not only…

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Custom Jewelry Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Ring

Times are changing and fewer and fewer young couples are choosing traditional wedding ring designs for their big day. Now it is common for couples to search for custom wedding rings that match their personality and style. Are you curious about what kinds of custom designs are available for your wedding ring? Check out these…

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Got Divorce Diamonds? Three Ways to Redesign your Wedding Ring

  A new trend in the jewelry industry is helping men and women move forward in the aftermath of divorce. Oftentimes women finalize their divorce and are unsure of what to do with the expensive ring they’ve been wearing for all those years. The ring itself may have greater symbolism to the wearer than just…

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