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Appraisal & Insurance Guide

Considering the uniqueness of the piece you’ll be purchasing here, you’ll most likely want to purchase insurance for your jewelry.

The Dominion Guidance

Jewelry 101

Dominion Jewelers wants you to enjoy your jewelry for the rest of your life. So to help keep it safe it's important to have your jewelry appraised and insured.

Our appraisal team will create a document describing your custom jewelry item in terms of gem characteristics, the weight of precious metal, an evaluation of the individual craftsmanship of the piece, and color photographs. The more detailed the appraisal, the better the chance of acquiring an equal replacement should your precious jewelry be lost, stolen or damaged.

Dominion Jewelers does not provide insurance; however, we work closely with various insurance companies. We recommend that our clients work directly with their insurance companies to ensure adequate replacement coverage. We'd also be happy to recommend reputable companies for insuring your jewelry.

Recommended Associates

Dominion Jewelers recommends the following companies for insurance & appraisals: